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Welcome to Earth Skills!

We’re specialists in animal tracking, nature awareness, wilderness survival, plant uses, primitive skills, Native American culture and earth philosophy.

There are many resources available on this site for free download or purchase, as well as information about the many classes we offer in California. We train novices, experienced outdoorspeople, professional field biologists, rangers, teachers and school groups. We also facilitate vision quests and provide nature-based leadership and personal development training.

We welcome you to join us as you connect with nature and advance your outdoor skills!

We hope to see you in a class!

New and Upcoming

The Northwest Coast Culture & Crafts weekend in Wrightwood Sept. 24-25 still has a few openings. We will make a group Raven staff, make and decorate individual dance paddles with their bags, learn dances, listen to stories, smoke salmon, and feast on wild green salad, seafood soup, Yukon potatoes in a mushroom cream sauce, among other native dishes. $170 includes shared cabin accommodations.

Take a look at our website,, a resource for merging intuitive and practical tracking. The site, developed with our students, contains stories, methods and resources to make your tracking intuitive and connected; it’s designed for both beginning and experienced trackers. Check it out and then bookmark it as you apply ideas and techniques to your own tracking.

And, my Walk with the Animal book is now available in digital form. See Store page.

Status of upcoming workshops:

Sept 10-11: Earth Philosophy 1-2, Open
Sept 24-25: Northwest Culture & Crafts, a few spots open
Oct 1: Basic Tracking, Open

View Gaits for Trackers Videos for your tracking study!